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Gordon Speech, Language and Learning Clinic offers a range of flexible speech, language and learning services for both children and adults. We provide families with a speech pathology service that is flexible and able to cater for the individual needs of the client in the context of their own home, school or work environment. We provide assessment, diagnosis and intervention for children and adults with a range of programmes designed to cater to the needs of each individual. These include:

  • Individual speech pathology sessions

  • Group speech pathology sessions

  • Early intervention services

  • Preschool and school screenings

  • Preschool and school observation visits

  • School readiness assessments

  • Liaison with schools, teachers, general practitioners                                                                           and other health and education professionals

  • Phone consultations

  • Attendance at meetings

  • Professional education sessions and inservices

Please contact us for further information.

Tel:         02 9498 8200

Email:    Amanda




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