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Gordon Speech, Language and Learning Clinic offers Psychology Services through Psych Logic Pty Ltd.  Psych Logic is an independent practice of psychologists with extensive experience in treating a range of psychological conditions that result from the pressures and demands of daily life.


This practice offers a caring and supportive environment to help clients gain perspective on their current situation and develop strategies to help them cope with day-to-day life. As every client is different the psychologists at Psych Logic will work to develop a treatment strategy that works for each individual.

How can a Counselling and Educational and Development Psychologist                                   help you and your child?

Social and emotional concerns can affect both adults and children and have a significant impact on the quality of family life.


Issues such as bullying, behavioural or learning problems, self-esteem and parenting concerns can be as confronting as major events such as family breakdown or bereavement.


Counselling and coaching from an experienced and qualified professional when facing such challenges will make a positive difference. Clients are supported with practical strategies and resources that are developed for their individual situation.


Just like you would consult a general practitioner for physical health concerns, you can consult with a Psychologist for your emotional and behavioural concerns. 


Counselling, Educational and Developmental Psychologists are also qualified to assess your child's learning abilities and offer strategies for meeting your child's specific needs at home and in the school environment.




  • To make a referral to a psychologist, you do not need a referral from your General Practitioner.

  • To determine if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate you will need to see your General Practitioner. If you are eligible, your General Practitioner will give you a referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan so that you can claim a rebate from Medicare.

  • Alternatively, a proportion of your fees may be redeemable from your private health insurance, depending on your health plan. Please check with your fund.

  • Payment by cash, cheque or EFT is due at the close of each session.

Contact Karen Falk (Spitzer) at Psych Logic:


Mobile: 0418 960 218




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